About us

The A.S. Kriegel GmbH serves as a longstanding partner for all issues around the topic of forklifts and logistics customers from Eisenhüttenstadt to Dessau, and the entire area of Frankfurt an der Oder professional and reliable.

January 2015
Completion of extensive modernization work in the 800sqm large workshop, paint and preparation rooms with total 7 lifts up to a load capacity of 10.000kg
October 2014
Wife Steffi Kriegel is appointed second managing director
January 2014
Completion of a modern washing facility for cleaning the device.
Official Partner of Mietstützpunkt and STILL Werksniederlassung Berlin
October 2013
Design of modern showroom with test track for customers to test drive the equipment
August 2011
Focusing on trade and repair of forklift trucks and warehouse the STILL brand.
March 2009
Strategic realignment with a clear focus on used trucks.
December 2008
Founding today's A.I. Kriegel GmbH by Alexander Siegfried Kriegel as sole managing partner with 4 employees
November 2007
Purchase first materials handling equipment of all brands as a commodity
November 2000
Founded as a sole proprietorship with no employees, trade and repair cars and commercial vehicles + towing, taxi operating on a leased land
January 2000
Successful entrepreneurs exam at the IHK and preparation of independence